Baby Romper Set

Welcome to 2018!Β  I hope every one had a good holiday and a happy new year.Β  It was quite the year for us with lots of highs and lows which took me away from creating and blogging for a while. But now it is the New Year and with life settled down I am hoping to get right back into it… starting this is lovely baby romper!

Last summer we welcomed our (first!) beautiful baby niece into the family. πŸ™‚Β  Naturally I wanted to make something for her but being that she was born in July, blankets and hats seemed a little too much. Continue reading “Baby Romper Set”


Red Plaid Slouchy Hat


Have you seen this amazing crochet plaid technique that’s been like.. really popular lately? Β It’s so cute, how could it not be? Β  Continue reading “Red Plaid Slouchy Hat”

C2C Little Dino Blanket


For Christmas this year, I wanted to make a new blanket for each of the boys that was inspired by something they both loved. Β As you can see from this blanket, my little guy is really into dinosaurs! Β  Continue reading “C2C Little Dino Blanket”

Diagonal Granny Square Throw


Last year before I moved into my current house, I set out to make an afghan for our new living room. Β I wanted something neutral as our furniture was grey, and I found this beautiful blanket pattern by Lion Brand called the CelticΒ Afghan. Β 
Continue reading “Diagonal Granny Square Throw”

Evil Hamster


Some people that grew up in the 80’s might remember a show called Goose Bumps. Β It’s recently made a bit of a come back with the movie featuring Jack Black and all of the original seasons of the show are available to watch on Netflix.
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