Granny Stripe Blanket


This is one of my favourite blankets to snuggle up with to watch TV.  It’s also perfect for sharing. 🙂 Continue reading “Granny Stripe Blanket”


Hexagon Blanket



I am so excited that this project is finally complete!  It’s been a WIP for quite a few months now.   Continue reading “Hexagon Blanket”

Love Bugs

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for home made gifts.  In searching for a new project I accidentally came across these furry little creatures over at Amigurumi to go.  As cute as they are in black and white, I decided to make mine in purple and green! Continue reading “Love Bugs”

Lakeside Cowl

I love scarfs.  Since beginning to crochet I’ve just wanted to make scarves and scarves and scarves.  Also since learning to crochet I don’t think I’ve made a single thing for myself.  I got this really nice multi-colored yarn for my birthday a few months ago and decided to put it to use in a scarf for myself.  I love the way it turned out and the brown goes really nicely with one of my winter jackets.

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