Bunny Slippers


I don’t really have any good way of introducing this project.  I think the bunny cuteness speaks for itself! But I will say, aren’t these freaking ADORABLE?! ❤

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OBEY Afghan

I love getting to try out new things when it comes to crochet.  Never before this had I made a “graphgan” but I’d seen a lot of cool ones around on the internet and wanted to give it a shot. Continue reading “OBEY Afghan”

Sugar Skull Lapgan


This badass lapgan was one of the first big projects that I made for just me.  I use it almost every night when I’m crocheting in my living room and its draped on my chair for display the rest of the time.  I am really proud of this blanket because I didn’t follow a specific pattern and I did (most) of the designing myself. Continue reading “Sugar Skull Lapgan”

Granny Rectangle Afghan

I made this little lapgan for my stepson so he would have his own snuggle blanket (as most of us do).  I picked another variegated yarn that I like just as I did with the Granny Stripe Blanket. Continue reading “Granny Rectangle Afghan”