Frozen Girls


Anna and ElsaEven years after coming out Frozen is still SO popular!
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Amigurumi Owl

Owls are so cute.  This little guy was a fun project.  I had this multi-colored yarn I’ve been wanting to use for something and even though it didn’t use much it’s still something! Continue reading “Amigurumi Owl”

Amigurumi Lion


My son is learning his animal sounds right now and the first one he tackles really well was the ROAR of a lion.  His first favorite book was Dear Zoo which has a lion in it and he also loves watching the Lion King.  All those things are what lead me to make him an amigurumi lion.  I love these Little Bigfoot guys from Amigurumi to go.  They are adorable!  I want to tackle the turtle as my next project because of his cute little face.

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Batman Minion

When I started to crochet, I had no idea that the world of Amigurumi existed.  I can’t explain how excited I was to know that not only could I make tea cozies and doilies but I could also crochet animals and dolls and toys!  Since discovering this super fun and cute world of crochet, I’ve been hooked (literally!) since. Continue reading “Batman Minion”