Furls Collection

This past Christmas I was given this amazing gift from Furls crochet by my boyfriend.  Not only did he get me a dream gift, but he remembered it after I only mentioned these hooks once.  How great is he?! Job well done.
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Mommy & Me Mittens

These mittens are for mommy and with a little one in mind.  I always find it hard to hold onto my son’s hand with a decent grip while we’re both wearing mittens.  This is the perfect way to keep both our hands warm and keep kiddos safe. Continue reading “Mommy & Me Mittens”

New Year Update

Another year has come and gone and it seems that time is flying by!  There are so many projects I have been working on and meaning to post but it’s so hard to find the time during the holidays.  I’m also having a hard time keeping track of what I’m working on and other various projects I’d like to get a start on so I thought I’d make myself a “to-do” list with my outstanding projects from last year as well as things  I would like to get done in the next few months to come. Continue reading “New Year Update”


Welcome to my blog and my new creative outlet.  Here you will find anything I feel like sharing with who ever is interested.  I hope to attract audiences with similar interests which are usually craft and/or kid related (a lot of things go hand in hand) and just about everything that I feel like writing about.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read..  I hope you enjoy following as much as I enjoy posting. 🙂