Parakeet Hat

Last year I found my son a black and green winter coat and one of my favourite things about having to get him new coats is being able to make new hats to match!
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Dinosaur Hat

Like a lot of little boys, my son loves dinosaurs (he’s got his dino-roar down to a tee!).  I made him this hat last winter and it’s had it’s fair share of use this winter.

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Little Traffic Hat

It seems that all little boys love cars and trucks.  With mommy and daddy both working in the traffic operations industry, I loved the idea of this hat.. and my son does too.  In fact it’s the only one he’ll let me put on his head now! Continue reading “Little Traffic Hat”

Pilot Hat

My dad being a private pilot, I always grew up with planes.  He built a 2-seater Pelican in our garage when I was younger (which now thankfully is stored at the airport), I took ground school and in-flight lessons as a teenager and now that his plane has been running for almost 20 years we can go for rides anytime we want. Continue reading “Pilot Hat”