Hooded Dinosaur Blanket

I was so excited when I got a special request a few months ago to make a hooded dinosaur blanket for my nephew.  As you may already know if you’ve been here before, I also have a big dinosaur fan in my house so this was a really fun project to work on!

I knew before I started that I wanted to use a chunkier yarn for this project to make it more plush and warm.  I’m a big fan of Loops and Threads Charisma Yarn.  It’s level 5, so it’s not too bulky nor too thin.  I also find it gets softer and softer over time.  One of my favs!  I used the colours Forest and Taupe for this blanket.

The pattern is based off of this Panda blanket by Make & Do Crew.  I followed it almost exactly aside from the size.  I started my foundation with quite a few more stitches because my yarn wasn’t as thick. 

As for the spikes on the hood and back, I started by trying to make 2 triangle and sew them together but I didn’t really like the way they looked.  Then I remember the dinosaur hat I made a last year and looked up the pattern for that.  With the thicker yarn and larger hook, they ended up being perfect for this blanket.

Here’s my little batman being a great model for me!  There may or may not have been a chocolate bribe involved. 🙂

The hand spikes I made by crocheting a row of 4 single crochets, then decreased with each row and single crochets around the edges.  Make sense?  I hope so, it was pretty easy. I made 6 all together and attached 3 of them to each top corner of the blanket.  I also put a border around to give it a nice finish.

And that’s it!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to get back into consistent blogging sometime soon when I have the time for my own projects. 🙂

In the meantime you can check out other blankets I’ve made here.

This blanket is also available for order in my Etsy shop!


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