Blue Toadstool Hat

As you may or may not have been able to tell in my posts lately, we have a Mario fan in our house.. (or maybe a few).  It’s great for me though, because I get to make lots of fun crochet projects!

I made this hat for one of my little guys late last year.  After a simple pinterest search, I used a pattern from Damn it Janet, Let’s Crochet.  You have the option to make it with or without braids and also in different colours.


I love putting braids on hats so I was happy when my guy picked braids and blue!  I think the original pattern only has 4 spots on the hat, but after I was told there were 5 and after some google research, I added a fifth for accuracy and the wearer’s peace of mind.  

For the materials I used Red Heart Super Saver in Blue, Buff and White.

So there you have it; the Super Mario Mushroom Crochet Hat.  It has gotten lots of wear over the winter and I am so happy it’s well loved. 🙂

Check out more hats I’ve made here!  Thanks for stopping by.

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