C2C Little Dino Blanket


For Christmas this year, I wanted to make a new blanket for each of the boys that was inspired by something they both loved.  As you can see from this blanket, my little guy is really into dinosaurs!  I’d been wanting to try the C2C method since seeing it on Repeat Crafter Me.  It was intimidating at first, but easy to get the hang of.  Then it’s just addicting!

I did some searching on the internet and tried to put together 6 different dinosaur designs.  I found a few of them on Kandi Patterns, but I  created a few of my own and modified the colours and some of the lay outs.

I wanted each square to be 18 by 18 little squares.  I used a wide variety of different yarns, which are listed below and a 5.0 mm (H) hook.




Tyrannosaurus Rex








After each square was complete, I did a row of single crochets in the background colour, and then a single row of double crochets using Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in Oxford Grey.  The Pound of Love is still a level 4 yarn, but I found it to be a lot thinner than the other ones I used.  If I didn’t already have it, I probably would have went with Loops and Threads or Red Heart Super Saver in grey for this part.  Overall it didn’t make a huge difference, this is just my preference.

After all of the squares had their double crochet borders, I attached them together with a row of single crochet in the back loops only.  This can easily be done by facing the right sides of the squares together.  I first attached each square side by side, then stitched the rows together.

I decided to try attaching them with single crochets because I have tried sewing them before (it was too loose and fell apart), and I have also tried slip stitching squares together (it was too tight and the squares turned out more like bubbles).  This is just because of my technique and the way I crochet, so I found single crochets to be a good happy medium for me, personally.  Everyone has their own way and knows what works for them.img_6118

Once all 6 of my squares were together, I did 2 rows of single crochets using the purple I used on the Pterodactyl square, and then to finish it all off I did one row of single crochets using the Teal from the Apatosaurus square.  Remembering to do a [sc, chain 2, sc] in each corner stitch.


And voila!  Blanket is complete.  The final piece measures approximately 32″ by 48″, (each square is 16″ by 16″) and it’s the perfect fit for a toddler bed or a kid’s lapgan.


I hope this post has inspired you to make something fun or try something new that maybe intimidated you before, just like me!  I learned that corner to corner blankets are really are fun (and addicting) to make.

(Here’s a quick link to the Super Mario Edition!)img_6109Thanks for stopping by!  You can check out more blankets and throws I’ve made here.

Happy hooking! 🙂

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