Chevron Berry Lapgan


There are many different chevron/ripple/zigzag blanket patterns out there.  After looking for one to make this blanket, I learned why!

I had my colors all picked and ready to go.  They were leftover from a hat I made and loved the way they looked together so much I wanted to use the leftovers for something special.  The yarn is Red Heart Soft in Chocolate, Grape, Berry and Rose Blush. I also used this yarn for the Ripple blanket I made a while back, which is quite similar.  I love the stretch and feel this yarn has.


As for the pattern.. after quite a few tries with different patterns, I just wasn’t getting the exact thing I wanted.  I ended up using a pattern similar to the one I found for my Chevron scarf, but instead of SC into each stitch, I SC into the BLO every row.  Here’s a quick link to that pattern here.  I used a J Hook and tried to crochet a little loosely to give it more stretch and airiness.


I did 10 rows of each color before changing and 3 sections of each sequence.  I’ve been wanting to make a classic looking chevron blanket for a while and I love how this one turned out!  Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Check out more blankets and lapgans here.


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