Furls Collection

This past Christmas I was given this amazing gift from Furls crochet by my boyfriend.  Not only did he get me a dream gift, but he remembered it after I only mentioned these hooks once.  How great is he?! Job well done.

Furls offers a variety of different styles of hooks but these ones in particular are called the Heirloom Wooden Hooks.IMG_5227

These are handcrafted crochet hooks and a yarn bowl from Furls Crochet.  The hooks themselves are ergonomically designed to help you crochet better, and make every stitch perfect.  I love the way they feel and how yarn just slides on and off these hooks.  They truly are a work of art.


The bowl itself comes with this skein of yarn and each hook is wrapped and includes a tag with care instructions and information about the particular wood.  When you order the Heirloom wooden from their site, you get to choose exactly what size you want and also the type of wood you like.

Here is the G 4.0mm) hook in Olivewood



Here is the H (5.0 mm) hook in Purpleheart


Here is the J (6.0mm) hook in Bloodwood

I absolutely love these hooks and try to use them any chance I get.  (I used the J 6.0mm hook on the Super Plush Scarf I recently posted – go check it out to see how nicely these hooks can stitch!).  They are so beautiful and I love that everyone of them is unique and they are all made by hand. Check out Furls Crochet and build your own hook here!


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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