Evil Hamster


Some people that grew up in the 80’s might remember a show called Goose Bumps.  It’s recently made a bit of a come back with the movie featuring Jack Black and all of the original seasons of the show are available to watch on Netflix.

I have a little friend who is obsessed with Goosebumps, I mean he loves it.  He has the books, the movies and watches the shows.  I recently did up his room in a Goosebumps theme because he loves it that much!


Some may remember this hamster from a few of the original series. Hamster I don’t know that they made a show but it is definitely featured in a few books.


The original pattern is actually for a guinea pig, which I purchased on Ravelry.  I added a little safety eye for his nose and 2 safety eyes for his actual eyes then used embroidery thread for his evil looking eye brows.  I was going to give him a mouth but after I got this far we were happy with how it was.  So here he stays!  A very angry looking evil little hamster… creepy!


For his body color I used Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Honey and Red Heart Super Saver in White for his nose and head.  I bought my safety eyes off of Etsy from 6060.  This shop has a large selection of eyes including colored ones that look real!  You should go check it out. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!  Check out more of my amigurumi projects here.

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