Mommy & Me Mittens

These mittens are for mommy and with a little one in mind.  I always find it hard to hold onto my son’s hand with a decent grip while we’re both wearing mittens.  This is the perfect way to keep both our hands warm and keep kiddos safe.

There are two big mittens for me, one small one for him, and a little mitten shaped pocket for his hand to hold onto mine.  We love them! I’ve seen knit versions of these before and always wanted to make them.  I got some of Lion Brand’s Woolspun for Christmas in the colors Mesa Print (which I used for my Rustic Cappalletti Cowl) and also Desert Sun Mix, which I used for this project.  For my son’s mitts I used the same yarn but in the color Charcoal.  There are little hints of grey in the Desert Sun Mix, so it matched my mittens AND his winter coat! That’s what I like to call yarn fate 😉


The pattern for these mittens is called Hello Gnome Mittens and it comes from Moogly.  It includes 3 different sizes of mittens for child, teen/small adult and large adult. I typically take a large for mittens and gloves so I made the large size. I also made a pair for a friend of mine in teen/small adult and they fit me just fine so I could have worn either.

The child was a little big for my toddler’s hand so I made a few changes and left out a few rows after the thumb and voila! Extra small size mittens.


If you take a look at the mittens in the pattern versus the ones I made, they look a little different. Instead of turning after every row, I just joined and chained one then continued in the same direction. This was an accident at first but I really like the way it looked with this multi colored yarn so I did it through out the whole thing. The other pair I made were using a solid color and for that one I turned after the join in every row like in the original pattern.

For the little pocket mitten piece, I started the pattern at the base of the mitten after the wrist band.  For this part I turned after every row where you would normally continue on to make the other side.  This is because I just wanted half of the mitten to sew onto my mitten.  Make sense? I hope so.  I also made another mitten for him so he could wear these solo too.


These mittens come in very handy for those times when you’re just in a parking lot or on a short walk.  You know when it’s cold enough you need them but you’re not out long enough to get all bundled up?  I’m happy with how they turned out.

Check out more mittens and other miscellaneous projects of mine here. 🙂

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