OBEY Afghan

I love getting to try out new things when it comes to crochet.  Never before this had I made a “graphgan” but I’d seen a lot of cool ones around on the internet and wanted to give it a shot.

For those who don’t know about OBEY, you can read all about Shepard Fairey and his art in the link. My boyfriend is a big fan so this graphgan was for him.

It is 216 rows by 132 scs across. I used the graph below which I made on Kandi Patterns.  At first I was going to include the strip of white and black around the edges as part of the sc graph but I ended up making that into the border.obey

Each pixel shown on this graph is 4 sc by 4sc in the afghan.  When I worked on the writing, I would carry the red yarn from the outside through the white which I didn’t mind for the lettering but I definitely didn’t want it for the main part.  It doesn’t look bad per say, but the red can be seen through the white stitches.  The face to me had to be distinctly black or white.


There are a few ways you could do the color changes in this afghan.  The smart way would have been for me to make up a few balls of black and white but I didn’t think of it at the time because I didn’t have a yarn baller.  So I found the other end of the yarn in the middle of the skein and that way I could attach 2 ends on at once.  This worked well enough for the rows that would only change from white to black to white again one time.  It got more complicated especially around the eye area.

I started from the bottom (with the writing) and worked my way up the graph.  I figured out exactly how much yarn was required for 1 pixel (each 4 sc by 4sc square) and I would measure that would for how ever many square of what color were in that row.  Sounds very confusing, I know.


As an example, in the pixel Row 17 (which is actually the graphgan rows 64-68), going left to right there are 3 black, 2 white, 5 black, 13 white, 5 black, 2 white, 3 black squares.  Knowing 1 pixel was approximately 12″ of yarn, I would measure out one 3 foot piece of black, then one 2 foot piece of white and another 3 foot piece of black.  Then I had 2 small pieces of black for the outsides, the first set of squares for the white, and each skein gave me to ends to work with.

This is definitely one of those projects that you dive into and it gets so addicting!

After the graph was done, I put a sc border of white, then 2 black for the outline. It has softened up a lot since I made it and it’s one of the warmest afghans I’ve made.


For materials I used not even one full LARGE skein each of Loops & Threads Impeccable in both black and white, and not quite a full skein of a small one in Red Hot.

If you are interested in making this graphgan yourself let me know and I might work on putting a pattern together.  Thanks for reading!

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