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I am so excited and happy to say that I have started an Etsy Shop!

I am currently selling one of my own designs which is a crochet cat bed that comes in various sizes.  I started making these when I adopted my first cat and was so excited to pick out color that complimented her fur and colorings.  Then we welcomed our second cat into our home and after making a bed for her that’s when I decided I wanted to share them with others.


I was pleasantly surprised when they actually used the beds in the first place, and now that’s the only place they want to sleep.  No matter where I move the beds to in the house, that’s where the cats end up too!

Large (17″ diameter) size cat bed in White/Navy combo
Medium (15″ diameter) size cat bed in White/Red combo
Kitten (11″ diameter) cat bed in Pink

As you may or may not know purple and green are kind of an on-going color scheme in our house because they are my partner and I’s favorite colors.  Thankfully yarn creators also know how well these colors compliment each other and I was able to find many different yarns with both purple and green in them for these beds.

Our first cat Barley is a brown tabby with a little bit of orange in her.  I found a color called “Eggplant” by Loops & Threads in their Charisma line and knew it was perfect.  After a bit of research and failed attempts at different cat bed patterns I found, I tried a combination of different strategies and came up with my own design.

When we got our second kitty Casio, I went on the hunt for another purple and green combo but I wanted the colors to be more cool toned because she is all black and white. This color “Dragonfly” by Loops & Threads Charisma was exactly what I had in mind.20160128_10490620160206_142204I am a big fan of most of the Loops and Threads Yarns.  Charisma is so velvety soft, and I love how
plush their Impeccable is.  It also just gets softer and warmer with wear. Check out the Lakeside Cowl where I used Charisma.

Also check out my Etsy shop -do it Megself – here!

The beautiful garment tags are courtesy of Brick Bubble.

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