Amish Puzzle Ball

Crochet projects are like Lay’s Potato chips…  You can never have just one!  I always find that I get really excited about making something, and then I see something else, and another thing and so on and before I know if I have at least 20 WIPs on the go and I’m still interested in more.

My point is, I had a lot of the go and then I saw this Amish Puzzle Ball and I thought it was so cool. I wanted to make one for my son, another for my stepson, another for a girlfriend’s son and so on.  My other problem is I usually don’t like making the same project more than once.  By the time I go to work on another one, I am over it and ready to move on to the next big exciting thing, or another bag of chips I should say! Hence why you don’t see a lot of slippers on my blog lol.

I ended up getting ONE of these done and it’s been good enough for everyone to play with. I originally saw this on All About Ami but the pattern actually comes from Look What I Made. It’s a good ball to have around the house especially with two toddler boys who love to throw things!  It’s nice and soft so it doesn’t hurt when it hits some one “on accident”(so they say ).  😉


This ball is made in 3 separate pieces and it’s a puzzle because it’s pretty hard to get it back together!  Especially for little one.  My guy usually get frustrated and asks me to put it back together before he takes it all apart again. So long is it amuses them,  I guess!


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