Mini Hook Case

crochet case

I made a larger hook case a while back to hold my entire hook collection, but I wanted something smaller that would hold just one or 2 hooks plus some scissors for when I take projects on the go.

Introducing… the mini hook case!  I used some old colors and scraps I had around from other projects.  To be honest, I tried to make it cute and cool looking but I don’t love the end result.  But oh well, it still does the job!

For this project I used Loops & Threads Impeccable in Lippy and Aqua and Red Heart Super Saver in Navy.


I modeled this off of the same pattern I had used for the larger hook case but only did 16 rows instead of the whole thing.  With 16 rows done I did one row of sc in navy then I folded up one side to make the pocket, and sewed it together.  I then took the pink and sewed down the middle to make separate pockets for a hook and scissors.


I then attached a button and make a flower for a clasp.  I found that pattern over at Crochet Me.

It’s pretty simple!  I’m thinking of making a few more since I always have so many project bags on the go at once.

Check out more misc crochet projects here.

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