Hexagon Blanket



I am so excited that this project is finally complete!  It’s been a WIP for quite a few months now.  I made this blanket to go in my son’s playroom as a part of a “reading nook” which has temporarily turned into a storage space.. but hopefully I will get that in order soon.


I decided to make this blanket about 9 hexagons high by 7 wide which means I needed 63 hexagons all together.  I used 8 different colors, 4 colors with a light and dark variation.  Here is my yarn list:

Light Teal – Loops & Threads Impeccable in Aqua

Dark Teal – Loops & Threads Impeccable in Teal

Light Blue – Red Heart Super Saver Economy in Light Blue

Dark Blue – Red Heart Comfort in Royal

Light Orange – Paton’s DECOR in Manderin

Dark Orange – Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Terra Cotta

Light Green – Loops & Threads Impeccable in Soft Fern

Dark Green – Bernat Super Value in Lush

The hexagon pattern tutorial came from Attic24.  I made myself a chart to keep track of exactly how many times I used each color.   **I highly recommend weaving in all the color joining ends as each hexagon is done.** I left them for the first half and then spent hours all at once just weaving and cutting weaving and cutting.. not fun.  The second half I weaved them in as I went along and I will be doing this with every project I make from now on!


I also made a docking station as I saw over at Repeat Crafter Me, which made the hexagons nice and flat for easier joining.


Once all 63 were done I laid them out and moved around the colors until I was satisfied with where they were.  This took a while because I wanted them spaced out relatively even.


Once they were laid out, I started stitched them together using the same color tails in rows.  I recommend joining the hexagons so that the tails are facing the right way so you can use them to join to the next row of hexagons.  This will save a lot of extra weaving and cutting if you have to use additional yarn for joining.


When stitching them together, I placed the hexagons with the right sides together and then sewing the tail through the back loops only.  Once you weave it through, pull the yarn tight so that it’s straight.

I always used one of either colors so that the weaving stays relatively hidden.  Once my rows were all done I started joining them together like this:


At first I was dreading all the joining and weaving, thinking it would take forever and be complicated to keep everything in order, but it was surprisingly one of the easiest parts of this project! It’s also satisfying to see how fast everything comes together.

Here is almost halfway to completion..


At this point I started considering the edges and the border.  I didn’t mind the long edges being zig zagged but I didn’t like the big empty spaces on the shorter ends so i decided to fill them in with half hexagons and add a solid border around them entire thing.



I got the details for the border from this blog called Dover & Madden.  It’s basically three rows of 3 DC clusters and then a SC border to finish it all off. I love the way it turned out.


I love this blanket.  If I’m feeling ambitious enough I might make one for myself!

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