Granny Stripe Blanket


This is one of my favourite blankets to snuggle up with to watch TV. ย It’s also perfect for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

The idea for this afghan came from the yarn. ย I love when you find a nice color or type of yarn that you just have to have. ย My favorite color is purple and my boyfriend’s is green so ย when I saw this yarn I wanted to make us something beautiful to display and use at home. ย After finding thisย Loops & Threads Impeccableย yarn, I started to research patterns and found this one over at Attic24.


It’s a pretty simple pattern and it just takes a lot of time to sit and DC.. over and over and over. ย I think I used about 15 skeins ofย “Fresh Lilac” in total, including the fringe and has just a little ball left over.


It doesn’t look “striped” because of the variegated color yarn but it’s called that because the granny’s are worked in straight rows instead of going around.


I love the way the transitions between the purples and greens through out the throw.


For the tassels, I cut about 6 inches of yarn and looped 2 through each space along the short edges. I think the color variation through out the afghan compliment the simplicity of the pattern.


And voila!

Check out more afghans here.


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