Love Bugs

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for home made gifts.  In searching for a new project I accidentally came across these furry little creatures over at Amigurumi to go.  As cute as they are in black and white, I decided to make mine in purple and green!

As stated in this pattern, it is not for beginners!  It was pretty tricky to tell exactly where your stitches were unless you are counting very carefully.  I also recommend reading the entire pattern before attempting.  I started the project with my yarn and fun fur together and thought “this doesn’t look right at all” when a lot of the fur was tucked into the stitches.  If I had read ahead enough I would have known that most of the fur ends up on the inside as you go along and you turn your work inside out at the end (I could have saved myself quite a bit of doing and undoing had I known this – my mistake)!

Any ways, after my first attempt I decided to mix the 2 colors together to add a little more fuzziness to them.  It’s also hard to tell but the green love bug has a solid green body..IMG_0328

and the purple love bug has a solid purple body.


I decided against the horns because I wanted these to be more “bugs” than monsters.

Aren’t they cute!?

IMG_0324 IMG_0323 IMG_0321

Love Bugs

Check out more amigurumi here.

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