Green Striped Scarf

I made this scarf for my boyfriend last winter.  It’s super easy and also super cozy when wrapped under a winter coat.

On the hunt for a green scarf I came across this (one on the right)…


Loved it, but unfortunately it was a knitting pattern.  No fear!  Let’s just crochet it.





Row 1: Starting in Grey, chain 26, then going into the 2nd chain from hook, DC across, chain 2, turn. (25)

Row 2: 25 DC, chain 2, turn (25)

Row 3-152: Repeat Row 2 changing colors as shown below.

I tried to go along with the striping pattern as shown in the knit pattern and here is what I came up with:

  • Grey x5
  • Gold x2
  • Grey x2
  • Gold x 2
  • Grey x 2
  • Green x 1
  • Grey x1
  • Green x 1
  • Grey x 1
  • Green x 18
  • Dark Green x 5
  • Gold x 3
  • Dark Green x 5
  • Grey x 1, Dark Green x 1 (x 3)
  • Grey x 1, Green x 1 (x 3)
  • Grey x 1, Gold x 1 (x 3)
  • Grey x 10
  • Repeat in reverse



Here it is a the halfway point…
IMG_0112The completed scarf is 152 rows.  After weaving in the ends, I added tassels.  At this point I had run out of the lighter green  so the tassels don’t have any light green in them.  I cut 1-5 inch strand of the Grey, Gold and Dark green, then looped them through and knotted in each DC across.


It’s a nice thick scarf perfect for wrapping and bundling and there are endless color combinations you can come up with. Enjoy! 🙂


Check out more scarves here.

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