Triple Loop Skinny Scarf

I’ve decided for the next month I am going to focus on scarves.  I have so many I’ve been wanting to make for myself, I’ve bought all the required supplies, now I just need to buckle down and do it!  Starting with this one…

Something I’ve learned from the few scarves I’ve made so far: I stitch too tightly.  My scarves always end up having a curl to them and I couldn’t figure out why until I started my base chain a little looser and voila!  Finally a straight scarf.  Unfortunately my drive for perfection has made me decide to redo a scarf I made which was over 7 feet long.  But I will be much happier after I fix it I am sure.

The is called the Triple Loop Skinny Scarf from Little Monkeys Crochet.  A few months ago there was a big sale on Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn at Michael’s so I bought 8 balls of it!  2 in black, which I am going to use for my Ribbed CHunky Infinity Scarf, 2 in beige which I am going to use for the Margaret Button Cowl, 2 in Jungle (which I have not made plans for yet) and finally – 2 in Blackstone.  I love this color because it’s pretty much black with little bits of pink and purple through out so it would look nice with a plain black top/tee/sweater/jacket.

Here is the before which shows the curling I was talking about..


As you can tell it looks much different than the picture from the tutorial.  I also think I made it too long compared to the pattern.  So I took it all apart, started fresh and ta-da!  Triple Loop Skinny Scarf Re-do.


I am so much happier with it this time around.  It still curls a little but I think it’s just the way the yarn goes.  The stitches are a lot looser and I shortened it by 2.5 feet (I originally did it in the car and eye balled the length).

Check out more crochet scarves here.

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