Amigurumi Lion


My son is learning his animal sounds right now and the first one he tackles really well was the ROAR of a lion.  His first favorite book was Dear Zoo which has a lion in it and he also loves watching the Lion King.  All those things are what lead me to make him an amigurumi lion.  I love these Little Bigfoot guys from Amigurumi to go.  They are adorable!  I want to tackle the turtle as my next project because of his cute little face.

For the Lion’s body I used Red Heart Super Saver in Tan (body) and Coffee (mane) and the light color in the mane is Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice in Honey.

And here are a few pictures I tried to take through out the process:

Pre-mane lion Pre-mane lion

I finally bought some safety eyes for this project because I felt that nothing else would be as good.  They are from 6060 on Etsy.

Gettin’ his hair did..

Lion man   Lion man

Here he is before his final hair cut:

Lion ManLion manLion man

I went through with tweezers after and picked all the little bits of stuff that came through around his face.  I also changed up the pattern a bit and used 2 colors for the mane.  I decided to do it at first in fear of running out of the Honey color, (I did any way and had to buy more) but I LOVE how it turned out with the 2 colors.

And finally!  He is complete.. and I love him. 🙂

wpid-img-1421035180357-v.jpg wpid-img-1421034695944-v.jpg

Little Bigfoot Lion

Check out more Amigurumi here.

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