Pilot Hat

My dad being a private pilot, I always grew up with planes.  He built a 2-seater Pelican in our garage when I was younger (which now thankfully is stored at the airport), I took ground school and in-flight lessons as a teenager and now that his plane has been running for almost 20 years we can go for rides anytime we want.

I love getting to see my dad share his hobby with my 1 year old and I know he is going to love and appreciate it even more when he is older.  Anytime I see a shirt or toy associated with planes, I have to get it.  Aviator coats, hats, anything.  So of course when I saw this pattern on Repeat Crafter Me, I had to have it too.  It is so cute, and the perfect way for my son to bring around a little part of his Papa with him.


I made a version of the goggles on the hat because if you read about my Triple Loop Infinity Scarf experience, I learned that I stitch a little too tightly sometimes and I need to relax my feeding hand a little more to achieve the right tightness.

The picture below is the updated hat with larger goggles which I think make it look much cuter!


I loved the chunky yarn used for the trim on this hat.  It added a little more coziness and matches the trim on the aviator jacket I have for him to wear in the spring!  All in all it was a very fun project and I can see myself making a bigger version for him in a few years. 🙂

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