New Year Update

Another year has come and gone and it seems that time is flying by!  There are so many projects I have been working on and meaning to post but it’s so hard to find the time during the holidays.  I’m also having a hard time keeping track of what I’m working on and other various projects I’d like to get a start on so I thought I’d make myself a “to-do” list with my outstanding projects from last year as well as things  I would like to get done in the next few months to come.

I am all about lists, schedules and organization making this the perfect opportunity to outline my work load as well as give out a sneak peak of things to come this year.  So here goes!

Projects from 2014 to post:

Outstanding Projects to Complete from 2014:

2015 Project Wishlist:

Something I will be starting to do this year is take more pictures through out the process of my projects and also posting my own patterns and ideas, which I am excited about.  This year I am also going to be making more things for myself!  I made tons of projects last year for everyone I knew but didn’t do much for me.

:: Other Updates ::

Some very exciting news …. I bought a new house this past December!  It’s in good condition but needs quite a bit of updating.  We are going to gut it and redo it from head to toe which should make for some exciting blog posts.  I also got a new camera for Christmas to take lots of lovely pictures with and track the entire process.  Our goal is to do as much ourselves as possible also while spending as little as possible.  With the exception of a shower installation being done by a professional and maybe some dry-walling I think we will be able to do quite a bit ourselves.  So stay tuned!

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