Baby Sock Monkey

I know it’s a bit late in the year for a Halloween post but part of this project can really be made any time of the year.

This year was my little guy’s 2nd Halloween, technically, but he was only 3 months last year so he was just kinda hanging out…


I’ve always enjoyed making my kids Halloween costumes, either from a pattern or from stuff around the house so this year wasn’t going to be any different.  I just find the store bought costumes not warm enough for a chilly October evening and they are also way more expensive!  Why pay $20-$30 for something I can make at home for under $10 and also enjoy doing!?  I will admit, I did buy last year’s pumpkin costume but I cut it up and put some Velcro on it so accommodate for the baby Bjorn so that I could carry him around.

Onto this year, my son loves this stuffed sock monkey over at his Grandma’s house and I wanted to surprise her this year by making him into one too!  I started looking around on Pinterest for DIY Sock Monkey costumes and figured the best way to do this would be to make him a little suit out of an old sweater.  So the hunt began.  I searched all over the Men’s and Women’s sections at Value Village but couldn’t find anything even close to what I was looking for.  Just when I was about to leave I was walking through the pajama section and there it was.  The PERFECT sweater just sitting on it’s own in the wrong place!  I couldn’t believe my luck.. and it was only $5.99!


Any way, onto the good stuff!  I followed this pattern from Homemade Ginger with a teensy problem of not having my own sock monkey hat already.  At first I didn’t consider this an issue.  I was just going to make a simple hat out of parts of the sweater I bought and put a sock monkey face on it.  Enter the issue.  I had *just* enough fabric from this old sweater to make the costume and nothing leftover.. at all.  It was slim pickings.  Then a friend of mine suggested I just crochet it myself to which I laughed (pretty hard) and thought “NO WAY could I ever learn to crochet.”

Long story short, this was the beginning of my crochet addiction.  I researched sock monkey hat patterns to death and found a few videos to help me learn how to crochet before I took on the project and needless to say, I eventually learned how.  The sock monkey hat is from Repeat Crafter Me (of course) because I love that blog.

Here’s the little sock monkey himself, and like a true monkey, it’s impossible to get him to stay still or pose for a picture.


and of course a little monkey bum…



Here is the hat all on it’s own.



Check out more crochet hats here!

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