Hockey Hat


Winter time also means hockey season!  Being close to Toronto there are a lot of Toronto Maple Leaf fans around and since his dad swears he’s going to be in the NHL, it’s never too early to start getting my kid into hockey.  At first I thought I wanted to make a helmet looking hat but then I just decided to do a regular beanie with ear flaps and add a little leaf to keep with the theme.

I followed the base pattern from the aviator hat over at Repeat Crafter Me with the exception of the thicker yarn for the trim.  I just used a worsted weight yarn.  The leaf pattern I got from Happy Berry Crochet and the size was perfect for the hat.   I slip stitched just above and below the leaf to give match the jersey a little bit.  I can’t say that him wearing this hat has given him more of an interest in hockey, but who really knows!  It looks darn cute, that I do know.20141118_135215

Check out some more of my crochet hats here!

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